Physical copies of 'Jurassic World' come with an AR baby raptor experience

Yet another augmented reality experience via Facebook's mobile apps.


The franchise hype leading up to the theatrical release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom earlier in the summer included a slew of AR and VR games. Unsurprisingly, there's another on the way to celebrate the film's home release on September 18th through the Facebook and Messenger mobile apps: An in-store display featuring the film's Indoraptor antagonist, and an insert slipped into physical copies that boots up an interactive baby version of the beloved Velociraptor, Blue.

Okay, they're definitely just gimmicks to draw folks out to retail locations and/or buy physical versions of the film, but it's almost certainly something that won't be included if you stream the movie in the future. More to the point, it shows how easily companies can fold these experiences (really, advertisements) into their marketing ploys -- and how Facebook's bet on augmented reality tech is paying off, making it the AR app of choice for News Feed ads, movie posters and now, dinosaurs.