Uber app tweak shows how you'll swap between calling a car and a scooter

Mode Switch cycles between ride-hailing, car renting and bike or scooter offerings.


Uber has stated its intentions to include scooters alongside in its retinue of transportation options, and last week, news emerged that they're planning on building their own models alongside bike and car rentals. How the company plans to integrate all those offerings has been unclear, and will likely be difficult. But today, Uber revealed how users of its app will toggle between all their offerings with a feature called Mode Switch.

It's pretty self-explanatory: Touch the tab on the top of the app to swap from hailing rides, renting cars and picking up a bike or scooter. Those living in cities where these new options are available "will begin to see" Mode Switch included on their home screen, conceivably once new transportation offerings go live in their area. It's a simple logistical tweak, but also a look into how Uber envisions its transport ecosystem, with customers switching from their ride to pick up a bike without having to leave the screen.