Loupedeck's photo-editing console now works for videos

It's now compatible with Adobe's Premiere Pro CC.

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Mariella Moon
September 19, 2018 9:00 AM

Loupedeck announced the follow-up to its original photo-editing console back in June, with all its refinements and ergonomic upgrades. Now, the company is also giving its features a big boost: it's rolling out an important software update that gives the device video-editing capabilities for the first time. Loupedeck+ is now compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC for video editing, and you can even create your own configurations based on your workflow.

You can program several LUTs and switch between them, for instance, so you can quickly alter the colors in your videos. Other features include flexible timeline navigation, content trimming and clip adjustment, as well as the ability to import or export personal Loupedeck configuration setups. The company says it's rolling out additional video software integrations later this year, so you might eventually be able to use the device with programs other than Premiere Pro.

Loupedeck chief Mikko Kesti said in a statement:

"Our mission is to keep on improving the editing workflow, so it's only fitting our next step is in the video editing space. Just like we developed the Loupedeck+ exclusively from community feedback, we felt it was imperative to listen to what our users had to say and make the device's functionality even more well-rounded, providing all the same editing functions that photographers have at their fingertips to videographers. Users can now count on Loupedeck+'s intuitive design and user-friendly approach to enhance their video editing quality and increase their output. Our ongoing partnership with Adobe made introducing these new capabilities with its Premiere Pro CC suite an easy decision."

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