There's even an Alexa-enabled Amazon wall clock

Why stop at microwaves?

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Jessica Conditt
September 20th, 2018
Nicole Lee / Engadget
Nicole Lee / Engadget

Amazon has grand plans to connect every single device in your home to the Alexa ecosystem. Today it expanded this reach to your walls with the Echo Wall Clock, which looks a lot like a standard analog clock, until you start some timers. The clock tracks any timers you've set via a series of LEDs around the rim, plus it automatically updates the time whenever Daylight Savings rears its sleep-stealing head.

The Echo Wall Clock doesn't have Alexa built-in; instead, it connects to nearby Echo devices via Bluetooth to track timers, reminders and alarms, and keep your home in the correct timezone. Amazon sees this thing getting the most use in the kitchen, considering all the time-tracking that goes on during meal prep. It'll cost $30 when it starts shipping later this year.

The Echo Wall Clock operates a lot like the AmazonBasics Microwave, which Amazon also announced during today's Alexa event. Amazon announced a range of Echo-adjacent products, including smart plugs, high-end audio devices and an in-car voice module. However, a lot of the company's focus seems to be on the kitchen, where folks spend a lot of time with their hands busy (or covered in food), and voice commands make a lot of sense.

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