Twitter will help you prepare for election day

It's partnering with TurboVote to provide users with election info.

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As the US heads closer to November's midterm elections, a number of social platforms are making an effort to encourage their users to vote. The latest to join in is Twitter, which launched its #BeAVoter campaign today. Through the campaign, Twitter will connect users to TurboVote, a nonprofit that can help them register to vote, sign up for election reminders and apply for absentee ballots. The #BeAVoter effort will be featured in Twitter's top US trends and in a prompt in users' timelines.

Facebook expanded its US election reminders to include local elections last year. And Instagram launched its voter registration campaign -- also in partnership with TurboVote -- earlier this month.

"Twitter is where people go to for news and information about elections," the company said in a blog post, "and it is our obligation to ensure that we meet this expectation and provide a platform that promotes healthy, public conversation and surfaces reliable information for voters."

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Like Facebook, Twitter had an issue with reliable information ahead of the 2016 US presidential election, as its platform played host to misinformation campaigns and a large number of bots. It also recently banned a number of accounts originating from Iran for what it said was "coordinated manipulation." In light of these problems, the company rolled out a new political ad policy earlier this year in an effort to boost election transparency.

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