Best Buy inadvertently sold Google's next-gen Chromecast

Yet another October 9th surprise goes out the window.

Google is still having an absolutely lousy time keeping its October 9th announcements under wraps. Redditor GroveStreetHomie managed to buy the as yet unreleased third-generation Chromecast at a Best Buy that had mistakenly put it out for sale. Externally, it's more a subtle refresh of the 2015 model than a revolution -- it's still a puck-shaped dongle, just with a matte surface and the Chrome logo replaced with the virtually omnipresent "G" from newer devices. Inside, however, it might be more interesting.

While this could be just a visual refresh, The FCC recently greenlit a new Chromecast that would include Bluetooth and, potentially, more powerful WiFi. Although it's not certain how Google would use Bluetooth, rumors have swirled of Google developing a game streaming service that could use the wireless format for gamepads. GroveStreetHomie couldn't set up the device yet (it claimed he needed an update) to check for new features.

According to Best Buy, the new adapter is due to go on sale October 9th for the same $35 as the regular Chromecast. If so, you won't have to wait long to find out exactly what's new... even if some of the mystery is already gone.