Microsoft's Surface event by the numbers

Numbers, they're the only things you can count on.


Microsoft had a slew of new Surfaces to show off during Tuesday's press event held in New York. The company debuted its quad-core Surface Pro 6 and a significantly speedier Surface Laptop 2, not to mention a pair of Cortana-connected Surface Headphones.

67 percent more power: There's not much point in coming out with a new device iteration if you can't fill it to the brim with better features. The Surface Pro 6 packs an 8th-gen Intel processor, 1G SSD and 17.3 hours of battery life, without increasing the lap-tablet's 1.7 pound mass.

85 percent faster: Oh what a difference a little more than a year makes. The Surface Laptop 2, which is being released on October 16th alongside the Pro 6, is nearly twice as responsive as its predecessor. Plus, I'm pretty sure this is the first laptop Microsoft has ever offered in black.

38 percent brighter: For folks looking for something a bit more substantial (albeit less mobile) than the Pro 6 or Laptop 2, there's always the Studio 2. Featuring 38 percent better brightness with 22 percent more contrast than the first Surface Studio, the all-in-one professional workstation will retail for $3,500 when it goes on sale later this month.

$350: Beats by Dre better watch its back, Microsoft's now offering its own brand of noise-cancelling ear cans, unsurprisingly dubbed the Surface Headphones.

$25/month: If you're interested in picking up one of the devices announced today but the only thing flying out of your wallet are moths, Microsoft's Surface All Access program has you covered. For a monthly fee, you can finance the latest hardware as well as various "accessories," software and helpdesk support.

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