Google's Pixel Stand is a wireless charger that doubles as a dock

It lets you control your home while your phone charges.

Google is showing off a handful of new products today, including the highly leaked Pixel 3, and the company confirmed what leaks have suggested -- that the phone will support wireless charging. With it being the first Pixel with Qi charging, what better time to roll out a wireless charger? That seems to be Google's line of thought as today it unveiled the Pixel Stand, a dock that can wirelessly charge your phone while giving you access to Google Assistant.

The Pixel Stand will keep your phone upright and, while the phone charges, allow you to access functions like the calendar, messages, alarms and music via the Assistant. It basically turns your phone into a smart display, letting you pull up info and control home features like temperature and lighting with either your voice or one-touch shortcuts.

It charges quickly, even through cases, and once your phone is docked, the UI changes so that it can be easily seen from across the room. In the morning, your docked Pixel can become a gentle alarm clock, waking you up with light that mimics the sunrise, and at night, Pixel Stand can automatically turn on Do Not Disturb. As it charges, your phone can also show off pictures, using Google Photos to create a slideshow. And Pixel Stand works with your Nest Hello as well, showing you who's at the door when your phone is docked.

While we got little peeks at what Pixel Stand might offer over the past couple months, our parent company Verizon confirmed the device was on the way earlier today in a prematurely posted Pixel 3 product page. Of course, with another wireless charger now in the mix, it highlights yet again that missing AirPower from Apple.

The Pixel Stand supports up to 10W charges with your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. And though it also charges any other Qi-compatible phone, the Google Assistant-powered experiences only work with the new Pixel line. It's available for pre-order now and costs $79.

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