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The Morning After: Here's Google's Pixel 3 family, Home Hub and Slate

Look surprised.

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Richard Lawler
October 10th, 2018

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Google, Google, Google. It's a mix of repercussions from its Google+ data breach and a bunch of gadgets to giggle and poke at. We have new phones, a new (adorably small) smart display and an... interesting hybrid Chrome device called the Pixel Slate.

No surprises?Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are here, officially

Yep, Google's new flagships have arrived. While the hardware design and general sales pitch hasn't changed much (dual front-facing cameras aside), Google is talking up the evolutionary software aspects -- more AI smarts, especially in the cameras, with Top Shot choosing your best photo through algorithms, Night Sight (which promises better low-light shooting) and even Super Res Zoom, which taps AI to enhance the quality of images shot through digital zoom.

The major difference between the Pixel 3 XL and its smaller brother is a notch. The bigger version inches the screens closer to the phone edges, while the Pixel 3 goes for a bit more bezel to cram in speakers and cameras. The new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are available to pre-order in the US starting at $799 and $899, respectively, with shipping commencing October 18th. Our initial impressions on the Pixel 3 are here, or you can get a deeper look at the Pixel 3 XL right here.

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Rumors confirmed.Google unveils the Home Hub smart display

The Home Hub melds an Assistant-equipped smart speaker with a 7-inch touchscreen display. Google is clearly aware of privacy issues and wants you to feel comfortable putting a Home Hub in your bedroom and other sensitive areas because, unlike similar devices, there's no camera on this one. There's also a new Home View dashboard, which gives you a quick glance at all your smart-home devices, whether you're looking at the Hub or Google's mobile Home app. The Home Hub is available to pre-order for $149 and will ship in the US, UK and Australia on October 22nd.

The follow-up to the Pixel C.Pixel Slate: Google's Chrome OS-powered 2-in-1 takes on the Surface

Google redesigned Chrome OS for the Slate, and it has two different profiles. Desktop mode kicks in automatically when the tablet detects a mouse or trackpad. Disconnect the Slate from its mouse or trackpad and it switches to a touch-friendly interface that has some familiar Android-like touches. Future smartphone features may eventually make their way to Chrome OS as well.

Its Molecular Display has a pixel density of 293 ppi -- something Google touts as the highest in its category, better than the Surface Pro 6, 12-inch iPad Pro or Galaxy Tab S4. The Pixel Slate will start at $599 when it's available later this year, while adding the Pixelbook Pen costs $99, and its slick keyboard folio cover adds $200 to the price.

Hypnotic AF.Dyson's Airwrap curls or straightens your hair with less heat

Having already worked on 1,600 kilometers worth of real human hair, Dyson wasn't going to stop at hair dryers. The engineers have found a new purpose for the Supersonic's V9 digital motor, announcing the rod-shaped Dyson Airwrap hair curler, which gently teases your hair around it.

Contact Microsoft Support if you lost files after updating last week.Microsoft says it fixed the Windows 10 October Update bug that deleted folders

The October 2018 update for Windows 10 had barely arrived before Microsoft was forced to pause its rollout, as a few users complained of missing files. Now Microsoft says it has identified and fixed the problem, which was related to a feature called Known Folder Redirection (KFR). The tweaked version is in testing now, but a change that's already noticeable is in its Windows Insider Feedback Hub. Now users can include a note about impact and severity when they're reporting something in the feedback hub -- key for notifying the team about a severe but rarely-occurring issue like this one.

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