Pixel 3 XL teardown reveals Google's switch to a Samsung display

You'll also see what's behind that notch.

When people noticed that the Pixel 3 XL's display was much better than its predecessor's, a common question emerged: did Google ditch LG for someone else? Yes, according to iFixit. The DIY repair house has torn down both the 3 XL and its smaller counterpart, and it's now clear that Google is using a Samsung-made AMOLED screen on at least the larger phone (we've asked iFixit about the regular Pixel 3). Google wasn't taking any chances on screen quality, in other words.

Both teardowns offer a good look at Google's custom components, the returning Pixel Visual Core and the new Titan security chip. And in case you're wondering: yes, you get to see just what's behind that giant notch on the 3 XL (hint: lots of camera and speaker hardware). There's a lot going on inside both phones, which might explain why the 3 XL has an ever-so-slightly smaller battery (13.2Wh) than its ancestor.

You won't want to try to fix the new Pixels yourself, at any rate. Poking around inside requires carefully ungluing a glass back, and you now have to tear down the entire phone if you dare fix the display. These are tightly integrated phones that don't leave any room for tinkering.