Huawei unveils giant Mate 20 X phone, regular-sized wearable

The Huawei Mate 20 X features a 7.2-inch screen and has its own cooling system.

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Jamie Rigg / Engadget
Jamie Rigg / Engadget

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei just showed off its latest flagship devices, including the Mate 20 smartphone and the Watch GT smartwatch. While those devices make a play for broader audiences, Huawei also went niche with a smartphone aimed at gamers and a fitness band that tries to track pretty much everything.

Huawei's Mate 20 X manages to stand out as a massive phone in a line of handsets that all have displays of six inches or larger. The company stretched the display well beyond the standard plus-sized smartphone range and into tablet territory with a 7.2-inch screen.

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To help manage all the screen real estate, the Mate 20 X is compatible with styluses. Per The Verge, it's also getting its own gamepad add-on, complete with analog stick and D-pad, that will clip onto the side of the device a la the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to the phones gargantuan size, Huawei packed in some powerful hardware. It includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage and an octa-core Kirin 980 processor—the same specs as its sibling the Mate 20 Pro. Unlike the Pro, the Mate 20 X gets its own cooling system that utilizes a combination of graphene film and vapor chambers to keep the device cool.

As for its new wearable, Huawei's Band 3 Pro sports a curved 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen. This piece of wrist candy has a heart rate monitor and sleep detection that can supposedly tell you if you're getting a good night's rest. It also offers independent GPS tracking to record runs without linking to a phone and can identify swimming strokes to record pool workouts. Like the new Watch GT, the Band 3 Pro is rated for 5ATM water resistance—which is good, because otherwise that swim tracking feature would be pretty useless.

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The Band 3 Pro will be available in three colors: Obsidian Black, Space Blue, and Quicksand Gold. Per GSMArena, it will retail for €99 (about $115). The massive Huawei Mate 20 X is expected to hit stores starting October 26th. It'll cost you for €899 (about $1,040).

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