SoundCloud brings high quality streaming to Go+ subscribers

Content uploaded in a lossless format can now be streamed at high quality.

SoundCloud is giving its Go+ subscribers access to better audio while streaming. The top tier service from the company now offers a high quality streaming option, meaning that, whenever content is uploaded in a lossless or high bitrate format, subscribers will be able to stream that audio at 256kbps AAC. Just head to your SoundCloud settings and adjust your selection under "Streaming quality" to opt in.

When it comes to high quality streaming, there aren't too many options out there. While Tidal and Deezer have lossless streaming options for $20 per month, other music services like Apple Music and Spotify don't yet offer that level of streaming quality. Spotify does appear to be working on lossless streaming, however.

SoundCloud's high quality streaming option is only available to SoundCloud Go+ subscribers. The ad-free service costs $10 per month.

Update 10/17/18 5:05PM ET: SoundCloud has clarified that the new feature isn't lossless streaming, as originally reported, but high quality streaming. This post was updated to reflect that information.