Arcimoto is opening its first rental center for its three-wheeled EV

You can finally try one... if you're in Oregon.

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Roberto Baldwin/Engadget
Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Arcimoto's three-wheeled Fun Utility Vehicle is a blast to drive, but there's a catch: given that the first orders haven't arrived, there hasn't been an easily accessible way to take one for a spin. You'll have an option in a few days, though. The company is opening its first rental location (plus customer experience center) at 543 Blair Boulevard in its hometown of Eugene, Oregon on October 27th. Pricing hasn't been set yet and will vary by location, but it's safe to say this will be considerably more affordable than committing $11,900 to buy the FUV outright.

As the name implies, this isn't a full-fledged electric car in the conventional sense. Its exposed design, two seats and 70-mile range make it more of a recreational machine or errand runner than something you'd want to use for a long daily commute. Rentals make sense in that regard. You can use the FUV to putt around for a weekend without feeling obliged to use it the rest of the year.

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