Zero Motorcycles' 2019 line-up boasts more power and longer range

These specs put them on par with combustion engine bikes.

Zero Motorcycles has made a name for itself by producing electric bikes that appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts as well as alternative fuel fans. Its bikes have been a hit with thrill seekers and commuters alike, and its newly-announced 2019 line-up makes it easy to see why the company is consistently performing better than all of its competitors combined.

The biggest changes come in the form of more power and a longer range. The entry-level Zero S and DS, both with the base ZF7.2 battery, are now getting a 35 percent increase in horsepower and an eight percent faster top speed, putting them on par with your standard internal combustion engine bikes.

The S and DS with the optional ZF14.4 power pack, meanwhile, can now cover 223 miles of city riding and 150 miles of combined range, and come with a brand new long-term storage mode (great if you stash your bike away over winter). The Charge Tank option, which allows riders to charge a whopping 600 percent faster and was previously only available on 2018 model bikes, can now be installed on older Zero models as well.

The bikes have had some cosmetic changes, too, including a taller windscreen, tank grip pads, bark busters and new color options, such as the DSR's sleek bronze and yellow finish. Prices for the new line-up range from $8,495 for the shorter range Zero FX and FXS, to $19,390 for the long-range Zero SR.