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Red Bull puts an entire mountain in your living room with AR

You can watch the Red Bull Rampage race live at 2 PM ET.

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Daniel Milchev via Getty Images
Daniel Milchev via Getty Images

It's too late for you to catch a plane to Utah and watch Red Bull Rampage, a freeride mountain bike competition featuring some of the best riders in the world, live in person. But you can bring all of the ridges, slopes, and rocky terrain of the Virgin, Utah mountains into your living room using the new augmented reality features in the Red Bull TV app.

Red Bull has created a lifelike 3D model of the Rampage course that will give audiences a new way to watch the race. The AR mountain is accurate to scale, photorealistic, and allows you to zoom in and see the ins and outs of the red rock structure. Some areas of interest on the map have 360-degree virtual reality cameras that will be active during the race and can be used to see every angle as riders come flying down the mountain. Red Bull has used similar cameras for F1 races.

The experience is made possible thanks to a camera-equipped drone that has taken over 1,200 high-resolutions aerial photos of the course. Those images have been spliced together to create the 3D model of the mountain. Updates from the race will be overlaid atop the model so you can see the developments in real time.

Coverage of the Red Bull Rampage kicked off at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET, but the race officially starts at 2 PM ET. You can watch as the race develops in AR by downloading the latest version of the Red Bull TV app for iOS or Android.

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