We're liveblogging Apple's Mac and iPad event tomorrow at 10AM ET!

Apple is back for its second keynote of the season.

You know the drill by now: Apple announces new iPhones and Apple Watches in September. Then, if it has anything else up its sleeve, it usually unveils the rest in a separate October event. Indeed, we hadn't even finished reviewing all the latest iPhones when we received an invite to another keynote, this one in Brooklyn, New York. So, tomorrow we'll be heading south across the East River to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where Tim Cook and co. are expected to debut new Macs and a refreshed iPad Pro. On the Mac side, we're ready to see everything from a 13-inch MacBook, to updated iMacs to a new Mac Mini targeted at professionals.

The iPad is an easier bet: It's probably going to be the first iPad with a Face ID sensor (not to mention a notch). Oh, and because this is the Brooklyn Academy of Music we're talking about, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple unveiled some new updates to its creative suite. Unless we see a dramatic uptick in leaks over the next 24 hours, you'll want to follow our liveblog tomorrow, starting at or just before 10AM ET. We'll bring you news, photos and maybe some hands-ons if we're allowed to touch anything. Stay tuned!