We're live from Apple's iPad and Mac event!

This marks Apple's second product launch in as many months.

Hot on the heels of unveiling three iPhones and a watch, Apple is getting ready for yet another press event. This time, Tim Cook takes the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and this time, Macs and a refreshed iPad Pro are said to be in store. I'd say that classic Mac logo on the invitation we received (see above) should erase any doubt that we're about to see some new computers. The questions are: which ones, and how extensive will the updates be? Our money is on a successor to the 13-inch MacBook Air, though don't be surprised if Apple drops the Air branding. Upgraded iMacs are a safe bet, too, and a Mac mini for pros is possible as well.

Another shoo-in: a revamped iPad Pro with a Face ID sensor (and iPhone-like notch to match). And, of course, we remain hopeful that we'll learn more about Apple's long-delayed AirPower wireless-charging mat, but then again, we were left disappointed on that count after last month's iPhone launch. Fortunately for those of you who miss surprises, there have been fewer leaks ahead of this event, so you have more incentive than ever to fire up the livestream, open our liveblog and watch everything unfold. Join us on Tuesday the 30th, starting at or just before 10AM ET.