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The Morning After: Mario Flashback

And we go inside the new MacBook Air.

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Richard Lawler
November 1st, 2018
The Morning After: Mario Flashback

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

It's already November? This month arrives with a slew of new Macs, and we'll explain how you can tell them apart even when their specs seem similar at first glance. Also, Google employees around the world are protesting, and Twitter is making it easier to get a chronologically ordered timeline.

What if Nintendo gave Mario the 'Sonic Mania' treatment?'Super Mario Flashback' is a stunning pixel art fan game

A beautiful fan game called Super Mario Flashback will reinterpret levels from many different Mario games. These include the original Super Mario Bros. and three-dimensional adventures such as Super Mario 64. The latest demo, presented at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) in August, is a brilliant blend of green pipes, Goombas and bouncing Koopa Paratroopers. Every asset, including Mario, has a fresh but recognizable look that truly pops on screen.

The protest started last night in Tokyo.Google 'Walkout For Real Change' to include 'thousands' Thursday

After stories of harassment, misconduct and light punishment or golden parachutes for high-level execs, some Google employees are protesting. At 11:10 AM local time, participants are walking off the job and leaving a flyer behind that cites demands including an end to forced arbitration, a commitment to end pay and opportunity inequity, a publicly disclosed sexual harassment transparency report, and more.

No sliding mechanism involved this time.Nubia X avoids a notch by adding a rear display for selfies

The struggle to an achieve all-screen, notch-free smartphone design has led to some unusual solutions. For Nubia, it meant getting rid of the front cameras and forcing you to use the rear cameras for selfies. Things get weird after that though: The Nubia X is a dual-screen flagship smartphone, with its 6.26-inch FHD+ LCD covering almost the entire front side, and the back featuring a smaller 5.1-inch OLED panel to frame and aim those selfies.

Adding a fan makes a big difference.Why the new MacBook Air isn't 'a bigger MacBook'

Apple now has three computers -- the 12-inch MacBook, the entry-level MacBook Pro, and the new Air -- in the same price range, all configurable with "dual-core i5" processors. If you're thinking of buying one of Apple's "cheap" laptops, it's worth knowing what makes them different from one another. With its new MacBook Air, Apple is betting that a "low-power" chip paired with active cooling can do the same job as the original Air's beefier processor.

RDR = Real Definition Range'Red Dead Redemption 2' might not be delivering true HDR

Critics are gushing and it's already breaking records, but it seems Red Dead Redemption 2 has hit a road bump. Several voices are complaining that the game's high-dynamic range (HDR) implementation is essentially derived from an upscaled standard-dynamic range (SDR) image, and as a result isn't rendered in HDR. YouTube channel HDTV Test is even recommending switching to SDR for "the best picture quality." Rockstar has told users on its support page that it's working to fix "a few of the issues the community is facing."

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