Uber Eats makes it easier to expense business lunch

Employers can set policies for when you're allowed to order food at the office.

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If you're pulling an all-nighter at the office, it's easy enough to reach for your phone and grab something from Uber Eats. It's a popular thing to do, too, with corporate expense platforms seeing Eats requests skyrocket over the last year. It's why Uber for Business is now integrating Eats for Business, a new way for companies to keep an eye on, and control, what you're ordering.

With Eats for Business, companies can now create meal programs tailored to their own corporate priorities. That could mean a regular lunch order, or a geofence that'll only authorize meal requests after a set time in the night. In addition, executives can set budget allowances to ensure those pulling an all-nighter can't order something high-falutin' unless they pick up the tab themselves.

Eats for Business rolls out from today in the US, giving expense-authorizing types the ability to see what you're ordering, and when.

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