Amazon lets Prime members choose a weekly delivery day

With Amazon Day, customers can have their weeks' orders delivered on one day.

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Mallory Locklear
November 2, 2018 5:28 PM

Amazon is introducing a new delivery option, allowing Prime members in the US to select a certain day of the week on which their orders will be delivered. The company is calling it Amazon Day and it's currently being rolled out on an invite-only basis, according to CNET. With this option, Prime members can choose a day of the week that's most convenient for them, and on that day, they'll receive all of the orders they placed that week that they instructed to be delivered on their Amazon Day.

"Amazon is always innovating and looking for new ways to surprise and delight our customers, and we're excited to be testing a new service aimed at making the delivery experience more convenient for customers," an Amazon spokesperson told Engadget.

Amazon Day is the latest delivery option from the company geared towards convenience. Last year, Amazon debuted its Key service that lets couriers deliver packages inside your home or vehicle. With Amazon Day, users can still choose to take advantage of one-day, two-day and no-rush options when available, and CNET says most items available for two-day shipments will be eligible for Amazon Day delivery. Any day of the week can be selected, including weekends as long as weekend deliveries are offered in the customer's area.

There are a few benefits with Amazon Day. Fewer deliveries will often mean fewer boxes are used for shipments, and for customers, controlling when orders will arrive could help calm fears of delivery theft -- which will be extra useful as the holidays approach. Of course, for Amazon, fewer deliveries means reduced costs on its end.

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Company employees have been testing Amazon Day over the past few months, CNET reports, and a small group of Prime members are being invited to use the program starting today. Amazon reportedly plans to invite additional customers in the coming months.

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