PlayStation Black Friday sale includes $200 'Spider-Man' PS4 bundle

You can also get a PSVR bundle for the same price.

Sony isn't about to let Microsoft's week-long Black Friday sale go unanswered. It's running its own PlayStation sale at the same time (November 18th through 26th), and there promise to be some solid bargains -- if not necessarily all the bargains you'd hope for. The star of the show is a $200 PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Spider-Man bundle. If you've wanted to see why the web-slinging game generated a whole lot of buzz without shelling out extra for a copy (or buying a fancy PS4 Pro bundle), now's your chance.

You'll also find key PlayStation VR bundles on sale for $200, such as an Astro Bot/Moss pack. Other discounts include certain DualShock controllers selling for $40, an immediate deal on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and unspecified break on PlayStation Plus one-year memberships between November 16th and 27th.

Notably, Sony hasn't mentioned a sale on the PS4 Pro like you could sometimes find in 2017. For now, at least, the company doesn't appear to be worried by the Xbox One X dropping to $400. It's not certain why, but the Red Dead Redemption II bundle likely helps. Sony might not be in a rush if it believes the PS4 Pro just needed an enticing pack-in game to fend of the competition.