Verizon to introduce next-generation RCS texting in 2019

The company didn’t say exactly when it would launch.

RCS support has been slow to roll out, but another major US carrier will soon jump on board. Verizon announced at an event that the company would support the messaging system in "early 2019," joining Sprint, US Cellular and the limited support currently offered by T-Mobile. While Verizon wouldn't confirm to The Verge that it planned to support Universal Profile 1.0, GSMA told the publication that Verizon's RCS would, and if it does, that will be a significant step towards making RCS the SMS replacement it promises to be. Among its benefits, once adopted by carriers, are read receipts, better group chat support and improved media sending.

Verizon didn't say exactly when RCS support would roll out, but Fierce Wireless reported last week that the company's new messaging service could come as early as February.