Amazon says Cyber Monday was its biggest shopping day ever

Echo Dot was the best-selling item worldwide.

Amazon claims Cyber Monday was its biggest shopping day ever -- it previously said Prime Day in July this year was its largest shopping event. Over the five days from Thanksgiving to Monday, Amazon customers bought more than 180 million items from its online store as they took advantage of cut-price deals.

Amazon didn't spell out how many products it sold on Cyber Monday in particular, nor how much revenue it generated over the holiday period. However, it revealed a few details from its bumper weekend. For instance, shoppers bought four million electronics and toys through the Amazon app on Black Friday (the same day some of its workers went on strike in Europe), underscoring the fact a third of online purchases that day took place through mobile.

The latest Echo Dot was the best-selling item overall worldwide, and Amazon claims it sold millions of its own devices -- but again, it revealed no specifics on those numbers. Meanwhile, it says people used Alexa to create almost twice as many timers than any other day in 2018. The most popular name for the timers? Turkey, of course.