Amazon's $30 Echo clock puts Alexa timers on your wall

The clock that pairs with Echo speakers is now available.

The Amazon Echo Wall Clock is finally available. First announced back in September, the analog clock that can sync with timers and display countdowns set through Alexa sells for $30. To get the most of this wall clock, you'll need an Echo speaker to pair with it. The clock itself doesn't have a microphone so you'll have to issue commands via a connected Alexa device.

Amazon's 10-inch, AA-powered wall clock looks pretty basic with its modern minimalist design, but the device has 60 LEDs that display information. The LEDs are located at the minute intervals and around the edge of the clock's face and can light up to correspond with a timer or a countdown to show how many minutes are remaining. It can support multiple timers running at the same time.

The wall clock is just the latest of Amazon's Alexa-enabled devices to become available. The company released its AmazonBasics microwave that can link up to Echo devices and take commands from Alexa earlier this year, and dropped the Echo Link earlier this week.