Tidal adds Spotify-like personalized 'My Mix' playlists

Users will have up to six My Mix playlists that are updated regularly.

Tidal is getting into the personalized playlist game. The music streaming service is now offering its users personalized "My Mix" playlists that take into account their listening history as well as input from Tidal's human-curated playlists. Subscribers can have up to six 50-song My Mix playlists, which will be separated by artists and genres and updated frequently. Tidal says some of the most active listeners will receive updates daily and the service will improve the more users listen.

Spotify has offered personalized playlists, like its popular Release Radar and Discover Weekly options, for some time, and Tidal's new playlists appear to be similar to Spotify's Daily Mixes. Tidal follows a number of other services that have begun to offer personalized collections, including Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud and iHeartRadio.

Along with launching My Mix, Tidal has also tweaked its Track and Artist Radio feature, improving the algorithm behind it and making it easier for users to access. The streaming service will also now allow subscribers to create playlists directly from the 100-track radio play queue.

My Mix playlists can be saved for offline listening. You can find them on the app's home screen or through the "My Collection" tab.