Google's 'Game of the Year' reminds you 2018 wasn't complete trash

Pick the most popular search trends, remember the good times.

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It's safe to say that 2018 has been... a year, and while there's no end of untold horrors to reflect upon, Google has softened the blow with a look-back game that's altogether more pleasant. In its Game of the Year 2018 you can test your knowledge of the year's search trends in a simple click-to-choose format. Who appeared in search results more frequently, Justin Trudeau or Justin Bieber? Were craft cocktails searched more or less than last year? What do the people want more of, puppies or kittens?

This is the first time Google's gamified its search results like this, and while it's not mind-blowing gaming, it's an interesting way to pass the time. You'll almost certainly come away with a few bits of curious trivia, and maybe even a deep-seated sense of vindication that "Laurel" was searched for more frequently than "Yanny." A reassuring reminder, then, that this year's not been all bad.

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