AMC's MoviePass rival ends 2018 with more than 600,000 subscribers

It only expected to reach 500,000 in one year.

How is AMC's MoviePass competitor faring as 2018 winds to a close? Quite well, if you ask the theater chain. AMC reports that Stubs A-List has over 600,000 subscribers as of the end of the year, or six months after its June debut. As the company has repeatedly mentioned, it only expected to rack up 500,000 members within a full year.

The growth rate hasn't tapered off much, either. A-List had 400,000 subscribers as of October, and cracked the symbolic 500,000 mark in November.

It's not hard to understand why the service has fared well. It's run by a large theater operator that has avoided MoviePass' numerous problems, including its constantly changing pricing, outages and movie restrictions. In many ways, the larger question is whether or not AMC can keep the momentum going. Remember, it's crowing about these figures mere days before it raises prices in multiple states. The rate hike isn't steep, but it might cool enthusiasm for the service.