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Canary’s new security cam offers simpler features for a low price

At $99, it's now the cheapest model in the company's lineup.

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Canary announced today that it's adding two new camera features as well as one new product to its home security line. First up, Canary said last month that with the help of its new AI-powered intelligence, its cameras would soon be able to differentiate people from other moving objects. Soon, those with Canary Flex will also be able to receive notifications when packages arrive, courtesy of Canary's new Package Detection feature. Users will get alerts when packages arrive and they'll be able to keep monitoring those packages until they or someone they trust can secure them.

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There's also an Alexa integration in the works. It will be available on all Canary devices and will work with the Echo Spot, Echo Show and compatible Fire TVs. To bring up a particular live video from one of your Canary devices, just say something like, "Alexa, show me the front door," and those Alexa-enabled devices will show you what your Canary device is streaming.

Lastly, Canary is adding a less expensive product to its lineup. While Canary Flex costs $199 and Canary All-in-One comes in at $169, Canary View is priced at a more reasonable $99. Like its counterparts, Canary View includes intelligent alerts, one-touch access to local authorities, automatic arming and disarming as well as end-to-end encryption. However, there are some features that aren't included in Canary View such as HomeHealth Technology, a loud siren and outdoor monitoring. The lower price point means fewer functions, but it also means more people may try out Canary's system or expand one they've already begun to set up.

Package Detection will be available for Canary Flex users in the coming months. Alexa integration will start to roll out in the next few weeks. Canary View is available for purchase now through Canary's website and will become available through Canary's retail partners later this month. Canary expects to roll out View internationally in the spring.

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