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GE made a giant Echo Show rival that lives above your stove

Because sure, why not?
GE Appliances

Making your refrigerator the hub of your home is so last CES. This year, it's all about that range. Your cooking range, that is. On Monday, GE Appliances debuted its latest smart home solution, a voice and motion controlled screen that sits at eye level as you're using the stove.

The company claims that the kitech range is "the one appliance family and friends gather around while making dinner and conversation at the end of the day" so of course that's the perfect place to put a 27-inch TV everybody can look at instead of their phones. Phillips just revealed a similar, Google Assistant-powered concept earlier today.

On that screen, you'll be able to make live video calls, check connected smart home cameras, access online recipes and instructions, and see what's on your calendar. There is, of course, a stovetop-facing camera as well so that you can share photos of what you're cooking with the infinite abyss that is social media. Though, given the home kitchen disasters that one can find on YouTube, you'd better hope the screen is fire-resistant as well.

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