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'Destiny 2' March update brings the thrill back to competitive play

Bungie knows the Crucible isn't as exciting as it could be.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
02.02.18 in AV

Bungie has spent much of its recent time addressing gripes with Destiny 2's story and cooperative play, but players in the competitive Crucible mode? Not so much -- some have complained that the Crucible just isn't that exciting, and the infamous Prometheus Lens incident arguably wouldn't have happened if Bungie had been paying closer attention to Crucible gameplay. You might not have that complaint for much longer, though. The studio has detailed some of the changes coming with the March 27th update, and a large chunk of them are designed to ratchet up the intensity of player-versus-player fights.

Virtually every form of movement is faster -- both overall and with abilities like gliding and Supers. Those Supers and power weapon ammo will be available more frequently, too. And if you thought the regular gameplay revolved too heavily around auto rifles, you'll be happy to hear that hand cannons, fusion rifles and other guns should be more useful.

There are other competitive tweaks in line for March 27th, such as quitting penalties, a weekly playlist and 6-on-6 Iron Banner. All told, it's evident that Bungie wants the Crucible to be more appealing in its own right, rather than something to grind when you're looking for new gear. It's just unfortunate that these updates will have taken half a year.

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