Bungie’s ‘Destiny 2’ roadmap is designed to win back players

The dev team wants to give fans a clearer outlook on the game's progress.

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Destiny 2 fans haven't given Bungie an easy ride. After rolling out a free trial in November, the team has been besieged with gripes about the game's XP system, the now-infamous Prometheus Lens, and, increasingly, the fact that players are running out of content. As Twitch metrics show, engagement has been on the decline for months. Now, in a bid to reignite fan excitement, Bungie has released a pretty comprehensive development roadmap.

Every feature in the roadmap "will be delivered to every player of Destiny 2," writes game director Christopher Barrett. "Some of these delivery dates may change, but everything you see listed here is being worked on the by the team. While there are larger projects in development, these are the game enhancements you'll find in your immediate future. If any of these deployments change, we'll let you know."

Some of these features have already been discussed by Bungie, others are new additions, such as a public chat function (although they may come to regret that), better rewards, private matches and a 6v6 Iron Banner mode, plus others. The Sandbox update is slated for 27 March -- this is the team responsible for the way weapons and abilities work in the game, and one that has faced a lot of community griping in recent times. Tweaks here might help recover some of the lapsed player base, but with at least two months to go, that might not be soon enough.

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