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Image credit: Jay West via Getty Images

Robert Rodriguez preps VR action series 'The Limit'

Frequent collaborator Michelle Rodriguez is the star.

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Jay West via Getty Images

Director Robert Rodriguez has been teasing a virtual reality video project for a while, and now it's clear just what it entails. He's partnering with STX on The Limit, a short-form VR action series starring long-time collaborator Michelle Rodriguez as a "genetically enhanced weapon of mass destruction" bent on destroying her creators. It's not a profound exploration of the human condition, then, but there's no question of the talent both in front of and behind the camera.

The Limit will premiere sometime in mid-2018 on STX's upcoming VR 'channel' Surreal as an app for headsets.

The series keeps up a recent trend of big Hollywood names entering the VR space with relatively small but significant projects. Robert Rodriguez is more of an enthusiast than some early entrants (he created Double R Productions with VR in mind), but the theme remains the same: he's experimenting with VR video production while the format is still young, but has grown just enough to start reaching the mainstream.

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