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Image credit: Evan Blass, Twitter

Motorola's low-cost E5 Plus may pack a big screen in a sleeker body

Budget phones don't always have to compromise on features.

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Motorola might not reserve large updates for its higher-end smartphone models this year. Leaker Evan Blass has posted an image of what should be the Moto E5 Plus, the bigger-screened device in the brand's expected low-cost phone lineup, and it's clearly not just a speed bump for the E4. For one, there's a different camera array -- there's just one camera (despite the two cutouts), but this definitely isn't a rehash of 2017. The picture also suggests a much sleeker-looking body that tucks the fingerprint reader at the back in return for smaller bezels (albeit large enough for a prominent "Motorola" at the bottom).

The image doesn't give too much else away, although the headphone jack survives. It's also reasonable to expect that the E5 Plus will run a lightly customized version of Android Oreo.

It's not certain when the E5 Plus would ship, or what price it would have. The outgoing E4 Plus sold for $180 when new, though, and we wouldn't expect its follow-up to cost too much more. If so, this could be quite the deal for those who only need modest performance, but still want a thoroughly modern design.

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