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The Morning After: Sony's new A7 III

And more news from MWC.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

MWC 2018 is in full swing, and we have a whole new list of phones to pore over, including Sony's Xperia XZ2 and the first cellphone with a cryptocurrency wallet.

Sony's fastest, strangest flagship phone yet.Hands-on with the Sony Xperia XZ2

And its Compact sibling.

It's getting smarter.Google Assistant can launch specific tasks in Android apps

Google has announced some new updates for its AI helper at MWC. Along with support for seven new languages (16 in total), it lets voice commands connect to specific actions within apps on your phone. Also, it's smart enough to ask for your location mid-conversation if it needs that information to do something like order a pizza. Finally, if you're in an app that you use regularly, then it can cut out the intro process.

Missed you at CES.FCC Chairman Ajit Pai talks 5G and net neutrality repeal

During an MWC 2018 event, titled "The Future of the Industry: Transatlantic Digital Policy and Regulation," Pai discussed his plans for 5G connectivity and, of course, his decision to repeal net neutrality in the US. He said that, despite public perception on the moves he's made since taking over the FCC as part of President Trump's administration, the internet will remain open and free and that "no one gets a pass."

New plan.Fitbit plans a family of smartwatches in 2018

To answer the question of what it needs to succeed, Fitbit is planning to roll out some new smartwatches this year. The company revealed that during its earnings report Monday, saying it will also push into subscription services. Hopefully a follow up (or two) to the Iconic does the trick -- Fitbit lost $277 million last year.

710 shots per charge.Sony's $2,000 A7 III camera adds 4K video

Following the recently refreshed A7R III, last night Sony announced its "basic" model update with the A7 III mirrorless camera. This time around it's packing a 24.2 MP sensor, internal 4K HDR video capability (downscaled from 6K) and what Sony says is the longest rated battery life of any mirrorless camera thanks to its Z series battery. It will cost $2,000 when it goes on sale in April.

Just a little.Huawei made a Porsche slightly autonomous with a smartphone

To showcase the company's AI push (read: remind everyone it's really into this neural-processing gig), Huawei used its Mate 10 Pro smartphone as a lightweight autonomous car brain, inside a Porsche, right outside FC Barcelona's stadium. Of course Mat Smith went for a ride.

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