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Walmart offers same-day delivery from Sam's Club through Instacart

You don't even need to get a membership to use it.

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Sam's Club

To combat Amazon's two-hour PrimeNow Whole Foods deliveries, Walmart is adding a similar feature for its members-only warehouse chain, Sam's Club. Through a partnership with Instacart, customers can order food and other goods from the bulk outlet and get them delivered on the same day.

Folks can do this today in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and St. Louis -- and not just Sam's Club members, but Instacart customers, too. Walmart plans to expand this delivery service to 'millions of additional households across the US throughout 2018, and beyond' -- assumedly, outside the United States. Instacart had previously partnered with Target in 2015 to give the superstore's customers same-day item delivery, so Walmart isn't the first to pull in the San Francisco-based startup to provide a service rivaling Amazon's speedy shipping.

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