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Image credit: Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment

'Detroit: Become Human' will arrive on PS4 May 25th

David Cage's vision of Motown is almost here.
Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Come May 25th you'll be able to explore David Cage's vision of the Motor City in Detroit: Become Human. When the game debuted in 2015, there wasn't even a release window, but with each successive trade show, the game's path toward your home became a little clearer. Last fall, Sony said the game would be out sometime this spring. Well, May is definitely in that window. What isn't? Spider-Man, which now seems likely to be one of Sony's AAA tentpoles for this autumn. If a choose-your-own-adventure tale replete with permadeath and a story about humanity's decline is a bit heady for you this time of year, there's always God of War which will be released on April 20th.

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