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Image credit: AOL / Chris Velazco

Samsung's SmartThings hub is down for North American users (updated)

Connected smart devices are in varying stages of 'doesn't work.'
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
03.13.18 in Home

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AOL / Chris Velazco

Samsung launched its SmartThings automation Hub back in late 2015. Wirecutter called it the best smart hub the following year, and the company has added more features to the system, like the ability to control it with Gear smartwatches. Unfortunately, Samsung has confirmed that the system has been down for many North American users since yesterday. The company has also tweeted that it is still looking into the issue as of today.

When your smart hub goes down, so do all the associated devices, including garage door openers and home locks. As noted by The Verge, many users are upset, with smart things like Hue light bulbs and Leviton dimmer switches no longer working automatically, though many devices can still be operated manually.

Update: The company now says its issues have been resolved, saying that the "small subset" of users who had ongoing problems should be back online.

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