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Netflix’s ‘Nailed It!’ casts season two with a cookie selfie challenge

Decorate a cookie in your likeness to earn a spot on the show.

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Netflix's cooking competition show Nailed It! is looking for bakers for its upcoming second season and it's going a rather interesting route to find them. Host Nicole Byer announced a competition through which aspiring Nailed It! contestants can earn a spot on the show -- bake some cookies and then decorate them in your likeness. The #bakeyourselfie challenge requires applicants to bake a batch of sugar cookies from a recipe the show has provided, which you can find here. Then decorate a cookie based on a selfie you've taken and post both on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to tag #bakeyourselfie and @nailedit.

Nailed It! -- each episode of which features three home bakers cooking complicated pastries as they compete for a $10,000 prize -- was renewed for a second season last month alongside Queer Eye, Dope, Drug Lords and The Toys That Made Us. The #bakeyourselfie challenge is open until April 20th.

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