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The Morning After: Samsung's new smartphone doesn't do data


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Beauty companies are getting into tech in a big way, but it's not all good news. Meanwhile, Samsung made a smartphone with no data connectivity, for... someone. And US and UK warn that Russia has been hacking routers worldwide. It makes the case for Samsung's new phone a little stronger, huh?

A smartphone, but not really.Samsung's newest phone can't connect to the internet

For the person who wants a smartphone without most of the benefits.

There's a Raspberry Pi in the box, plus a new Android app.Google's latest do-it-yourself AI kits include everything you need

Google's AIY kits have been helpful for do-it-yourselfers who want to explore AI concepts like computer vision, but they weren't really meant for newcomers when you had to supply your own Raspberry Pi and other hardware. However, Google has just announced updated AIY Vision and AIY Voice kits that include exactly what's needed to get started. Both include a Raspberry Pi Zero WH board and a pre-provisioned SD card, while the Vision Kit also throws in a Raspberry Pi Camera v2.

Google is promising more help for your projects: A companion Android app helps with setting up your kit, and the AIY website itself has been revamped with clearer instructions aimed at younger creators. New kits will head to retail later this month.

Slowing down to speed things up.
Tesla pauses Model 3 production. Again

Once again, Tesla is taking its Model 3 production line down -- under the specter of a report claiming undercounted injuries -- to hopefully pick up the pace of its manufacturing. The company is targeting a goal of 5,000 cars per week by this summer, but so far it's only about halfway there. As it said during a pause in March, Tesla's statement reads: "These periods are used to improve automation and systematically address bottlenecks in order to increase production rates. This is not unusual and is in fact common in production ramps like this."

Intelligence agencies warn that the campaign had been going on for months.US and UK warn that Russia has been hacking routers worldwide

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been briefed on a possible incoming Russian-based cyberattack that could lead to the release of compromising information about the country's lawmakers. The threat goes beyond gaining leverage on politicians: the FBI, the DHSUK and cyber-intelligence agency NCSC have jointly accused Russian-based attackers of engaging in a campaign for months and trying to compromise routers, switches and firewalls around the world to hijack the internet's infrastructure.

The fruits of their collaboration could solve the beauty divide or exacerbate it.The ethically murky marriage of technology and beauty

The latest spate of beauty tech could help solve major issues when it comes to cosmetics and inclusivity. Companies are using tech to provide highly customized products like makeup, corrective skin care and shampoos that are tailored to your exact needs -- and skin tone. While they might appear to be well-meaning efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity, the industry needs to carefully examine every step as it moves forward or risk exacerbating problems around perceived ideals in beauty.

The GA10 promises stellar sound, but doesn't deliver.Panasonic SC-GA10 review: A smart speaker that fails to stand out

On Panasonic's debut smart speaker, Google Assistant works just fine. However, the company doesn't deliver on its promise of high-quality audio, and the GA10 is much pricier than a lot of its competition.

Giant price tag still.Sony shrinks its Digital Paper E Ink tablet

Still musing on the idea of buying an E Ink stylus device? You still need a fair bit of cash to afford one, but at least Sony is adding a new, smaller option. The DPT-CP1 is much the same as the A4 (13.3-inch diagonal) DPT-RP1, released a year ago, but it's A5-sized instead.

It has an excellent, highly readable 1,404 x 1,872 black-and-white screen, is just 5.9 mm thick, weighs about eight ounces and can go a month on a single charge. Thanks to the stylus, you can read, jot, sketch and work in longhand on a more paper-like screen than other products. However, it costs 70,000 yen (around $650).

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