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Image credit: AOL / Cherlynn Low

Fitbit partners with Google to send health data to doctors

It's the mainstreaming of health-based wearables.

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AOL / Cherlynn Low

Fitness wearables are about to become even more valuable thanks to a partnership between Fitbit and Google's Cloud for Healthcare. According to a report at TechCrunch, Fitbit will be able to send health data to doctors, who will then be able to monitor both electronic records and real-time health data.

Fitbit's recent acquisition of Twine Health is already helping the company expand into the healthcare world via sales to health plans and self-insured companies, as well as make money from subscriptions to its services. Fitbit isn't the only wearable looking to healthcare, of course; Apple Watch has already made inroads to medical studies on sleep apnea, heart issues and strokes.

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