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The Morning After: Most of us don't mind the smartphone notch

It's here to stay. Unless you turn it off.

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The smartphone notch isn't going anywhere, MoviePass' movie-a-day plan is back and the latest Google Doodle comes with a VR upgrade.

LG's new flagship focuses on the essentials.
LG G7 ThinQ hands-on: the loudest, brightest smartphone yet

As much as we liked LG's V30 and G6 last year, numbers don't lie: The company's latest earnings show just how tough the smartphone business is. So what approach did LG take this time around? Play it safe or go bonkers? Well, in the end it was a bit of both. The G7 cranks up some of the specs, but plays it relatively safe. If your phone often doubles as your music speaker, you might be intrigued.

Seven out of ten people don't mind it.
LG asked the public what they wanted. The answer was a notch.

It's here to stay.

The company's CEO said it wouldn't abandon the flagship product.
MoviePass brings back its movie-per-day plan

Last month, MoviePass began offering a $30, three-month plan that came with an iHeartRadio premium subscription trial but limited users to just four movies per month. And when asked if the popular movie-per-day plan would be returning, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said he didn't know. But the movie-per-day plan is back. He told Variety: "We wanted to focus everybody on this [iHeartRadio] partnership promotion. If people knew the [movie-a-day] plan was coming back, they might not be interested in the iHeartRadio deal." He added that the company never planned to abandon "the flagship product that everybody loves."

It brings together Google's Doodle series and Spotlight Stories project.Google's first VR Doodle honors filmmaker Georges Méliès

Visit the Google homepage today and you'll find an unusual Doodle of a stick-thin man with a pristine suit. Click and you'll be presented with a YouTube player that brings the quirky figure -- French filmmaker Georges Méliès -- and his creations to life in a wonderfully animated 360-degree short. Google is calling it a VR Doodle, which it is, sort of. Back to the Moon will be part of the Spotlight Stories app, which works with Cardboard and Daydream headsets. The creators say it's closer to immersive theater than a movie.

DC Universe will include a 'Swamp Thing' series.
DC's streaming service has a name and a new show

DC's streaming service is no longer quite so mysterious. The unlimited video offering is now called DC Universe (not to be confused with the DC Extended Universe) and has a landing page to whet your appetite. There's a new show to go alongside the announcement, as well -- DC has unveiled Swamp Thing, an adaptation of the classic comic series. It'll premiere sometime in 2019.

Both it and parent company SCL Group are shuttering.
Cambridge Analytica is shutting down following Facebook scandal

Cambridge Analytica shut down yesterday following the Facebook scandal and subsequent investigations. During a conference call with the tech firm's employees, chairman Julian Wheatland of parent company SCL Group announced the news. But it isn't just the tech firm: SCL Group is closing down, too. Shortly after the news broke, Cambridge Analytica itself issued a press release announcing it and SCL would stop operating, and the former would begin bankruptcy proceedings.

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