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Google Pixel Buds let you customize which apps send spoken notifications

You can now toggle them individually instead of enabling or disabling all at once.
Los Pixel Buds

A beta preview back in March hinted at a few features coming to Google's Pixel Buds, like expanded double-tap functionality and in-ear detection. But there's another addition coming for the wireless headphones: New settings to switch spoken notifications on or off for each app.

Previously, Android users only had a basic toggle to activate or deactivate spoken notifications sent to Assistant headphones for all apps at once. Now they can go app by app, switching on the vocalized alerts to their comfort. Messaging services are the only ones that deliver notifications by default, so you'll have to click the others 'on' manually. Finally, this doesn't seem like an upgrade to the Pixel Buds themselves but through the Google app, theorized 9to5Google, since they appeared after downloading Android 8.2.

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