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The Morning After: Lenovo says no to the notch

And why your high school might have an eSports team soon.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Were you dreaming of a truly all-screen phone? Lenovo may be ready to deliver, and we're checking out how some high schools have added eSports teams to their athletic lineup.

No notch?Lenovo teases a true all-screen phone

Teasing a sketch and part of a render, Lenovo Vice President Chang Cheng showed off a smartphone that's nearly all screen. The Lenovo Z5, he said, would have a screen ratio of 95 percent and packs "18 patented technologies." Where could it hide elements like a front-facing camera? Your guess is as good as ours.

The law won.'Lawbreakers' studio Boss Key shuts down

As Boss Key founder Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski explained in a public letter, even quickly releasing a gameshow-esque battle royale shooter wasn't enough to save his studio after the disappointing release of its first title, Lawbreakers. Servers for the studio's battle royale game Radical Heights will stay up "for the near future." As for Bleszinski, he plans to "take some time off and reflect" but still has a "hope to make something new someday."

That's one way to get a varsity letter.A new generation of high-school athletes will play eSports

In the last several months, a trio of local leagues have debuted that are fully affiliated with high schools and supported by education districts. Whether or not they're models other school districts can copy, they're certainly the most robust high-school eSports associations in the US -- if not the world.

Fully automated shopping.Amazon Go stores will open in Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon has posted job listings for store managers in both Chicago and San Francisco, making it clear where the automated stores are headed next. Curbed noted that Amazon has a building permit for a store in Chicago's Loop, while a San Francisco Chronicle report claimed that a store would open near Union Square.

The $350 Commuter jacket adds a few new features.Google and Levi's smart jacket gets a small but useful update

With the rollout of Jacquard 1.2 this week, your Bluetooth-enabled jacket can bookmark places you pass in its app, get alerts when your Lyft or Uber is arriving and toggle noise cancelling on Bose headphones.

And a wireless charging pad.HP's new Envy PC is the first all-in-one with Alexa built in

The new curved 34-inch Envy all-in-one PC is the first such unit to arrive with Amazon's Alexa assistant inside. Talk to your desktop and you can play music or check the weather, complete with Alexa's signature blue light to confirm it's listening to your commands. Unfortunately, HP won't divulge pricing and configurations for the 34-inch Envy until "later this year."

Better in tight spaces than the longboard.Boosted Mini S electric skateboard review

Boosted's new Mini S has a top-notch build quality and belt-drive motors that produce a good amount of power for the price. However, it still has nearly the same heft as its longboard counterparts and the range isn't exactly stellar.

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