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Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy in the US

The company announced it would be closing earlier this month.
LightRocket via Getty Images

Earlier this month, Cambridge Analytica closed up shop saying at the time that media coverage of how it came to obtain 87 million Facebook users' information had driven away nearly all of its customers and it was, therefore, "no longer viable" to operate. The company also said that it would be filing for bankruptcy, and now it has. Reuters reports that Cambridge Analytica filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy at the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York on Thursday.

Though it may have shut down. It's not getting out of being investigated. Earlier this week, reports surfaced that both the Department of Justice and the FBI are looking into Cambridge Analytica and its practices. UK officials are scrutinizing the company as well.

The petition to file for bankruptcy was signed by Rebekah and Jennifer Mercer -- daughters of billionaire conservative Robert Mercer -- on behalf of the company's board.

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