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The 2018 Game Awards will stream live on December 6th

It's quickly becoming an institution.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
06.06.18 in AV

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The Game Awards

E3 hasn't even started yet, but that isn't stopping The Game Awards from planning its annual ceremony. Geoff Keighley's game industry gala will take place on December 6th at 8:30PM Eastern, complete with free livestreams on both the awards' website and social networks. If you're determined to see it in person at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, ticket sales start June 8th at 1PM Eastern on

There aren't many details surrounding the programming at this point, as you might guess. If last year's results are any indication, though, you can expect a wide range of games to get recognition, ranging from obvious blockbusters to indie hits. It should also recognize cultural icons in the game world, including eSports teams and players. And there are bound to be plenty of game reveals, whether they're brand new titles or just new trailers. In short: it may be highly commercial, but it'll also provide very public recognition for studios and players who don't always get their due.

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