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'Just Cause 4' parachutes in December 4th

Avalanche Studios is promising an ever-changing huge new world to explore.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
06.10.18 in AV

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Square Enix brought more than just Kingdom Hearts to Microsoft's pre-E3 2018 press conference -- there's also Just Cause 4. Rico is back, once again parachuting into some disastrous warzone with both guns and attitude in tow. The quick trailer showed off some new-gen powered gameplay with plenty of driving, shooting, explosions and impressive weather effects as our hero plunged directly into a tornado. The game is scheduled for release December 4th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, so at least that's one title we won't be waiting until Q1 2019 for.

While a gameplay trailer showed off Just Cause 4 at the event, you should look below for the "Welcome to Just Cause 4" video that goes in-depth with developers from Avalanche Studios (which is also behind the 80s-themed robot shooter Generation Zero) explaining what's new this time around. This time the game takes place on the home turf of a group that has been featured in previous games called The Black Hand. There will be four separate biomes included, and the concept of a "force of nature" plays a massive role. Rico's grapple hook is, of course, included, but there are even more physics-based tricks for players to mess around with this time.

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