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The Morning After: Another all-screen phone

And GameStop is up for sale.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

In case you needed another sign that we're at the height of this console cycle, Sony is rolling out a greatest hits lineup for the PS4. At the same time, GameStop is looking over its options, and Google finally has a podcast app for Android.

We'll give them $4.50 cash and five dollars in store credit.GameStop confirms buyout talks as downloads take their toll

In the wake of a Reuters leak, GameStop has confirmed it's in talks about a "potential transaction." While the retail chain is shy about what those discussions involve and isn't promising a deal, the sources claimed the chats were in response to "buyout interest" from private equity companies like Sycamore Partners.

Interesting.Porsche invests in EV supercar-maker Rimac

Just recently, luxury automaker Porsche teased its electric Mission E sports car, showing its shadowy silhouette that's not unlike its other non-EV cars. Now, the company has shown it's getting even more serious about electric vehicles and its Mission E development by teaming up with EV supercar-maker Rimac, creator of the Concept Two electric hypercar.

You can uninstall Listen.Google's dedicated podcast app for Android is here

After soft-launching as a web app linked to Google Search, there's finally a Google-made podcast player for Android again (after it abandoned the Reader-linked Listen app years ago). Google Podcasts works across not just phones but on all devices Google Assistant can reach. Right now, it's fairly basic, but the company is promising AI-driven enhancements including transcription and, of course, suggestions.

Enjoy some big names you missed the first time around.Some of the most popular PS4 titles now cost just $20

In keeping with the tradition set on its previous consoles, Sony has introduced a selection of best-selling PS4 games for a discount. 'PlayStation Hits' will offer titles like Metal Gear Solid V, Doom, Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 for $20. The game line will be available online and in stores -- just look for the red banner at the top of the box.

Another truly all-screen phone?Oppo's all-screen Find X hides a pop-up selfie camera

Like Vivo and the Nex, Oppo has decided to go notchless with its new flagship phone. The Find X tucks a motorized slide-out camera for selfies, face unlocking and Omoji behind its curved 6.4-inch 1080p display. The best news, though? This device is coming to North America.

It's listening.Amazon launches Alexa for hotels

Visitors to Marriott hotels will soon be able to use Amazon Alexa to make their stays more enjoyable. Alexa for Hospitality lets guests ask Alexa -- via an in-room Amazon Echo -- for help with hotel information, booking guest services, playing music and managing room controls, such as lighting and temperature. Alexa for Hospitality will eventually allow guests to temporarily connect their Amazon account to the Echo in their room so they can play their own music from services including Amazon Music and Spotify, or listen to audiobooks via Audible. When they check out, their account will be automatically disconnected from the device.

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