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Amazon is buying 100 electric Mercedes delivery vans

The vans will start hitting the road by the end of next year.

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Daimler AG

Amazon is the latest company adding electric vehicles to its fleet. The e-commerce juggernaut has ordered 100 of Mercedes-Benz's eVito transit vans, which Mercedes says will hit the market next year. While the vans' range might seem limited (150 - 100 Km, depending on the use conditions; 62 miles - 92 miles) that covers a lot of ground in a city environment. A full charge will take six hours, and Amazon's eVito deployment will take place by the end of next year, according to a statement from Mercedes.

Mercedes is selling this as a use-case-driven platform. Meaning, it can be customized for the task and customer at hand with a different lengths and wheelbases. More than that, the eVito will have a trio of different driving programs and four recuperation phases that "enable the driver to get the very best from his/her vehicle at all times based on different usage parameters and individual driving style."

In addition to the smaller eVito, Mercedes-Benz also announced a new eSprinter full-size delivery van. The alternative-fueled vehicle boasts the same amount of cargo room as its internal-combustion-powered counterpart (10.5m cubed), with a max 900Kg (roughly 1,984 pounds) payload and 55 kWh battery capacity and 150km of range. The automaker has also teased a fuel-cell-powered Sprinter van concept that looks more like a motor home than a delivery vehicle.

It might seem like since Tesla announced its electric semi-trucks that everyone is getting on board, but that's not the case. The City of Los Angeles has been using electric vehicles since 2015. Now we're seeing more and more companies adopting the emission-less rides, with Ryder offering them to consumers and UPS introducing its own fleet electric delivery trucks.

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