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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

After MoviePass crashed.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. Before looking back at some highlights from the last few days, we'll take a look at an ill-timed MoviePass outage and consider what we're really losing without Netflix's review section.

And not with surge pricing.MoviePass ruins date night

On precisely the kind of night people might want to hit the theater, MoviePass was down for hours. The service told subscribers to buy tickets the regular way and submit receipts for reimbursement later. It finally resolved the issue just after 9 PM ET.

There's always Rotten Tomatoes.Netflix is killing user reviews

Many people didn't know it since they didn't appear in its apps, but Netflix has always allowed users to write in their own reviews on its website. Now the service says they'll go away next month, closing a vector used both for legitimate criticism and occasionally troll bombing. The only question left now is whether or not they'll be missed?

Can't get hacked if you leak the movie yourself.Sony posted a whole movie to YouTube instead of the trailer

Instead of going straight to DVD, Sony's Khali the Killer movie went straight to YouTube in a post that was only supposed to present a trailer.

It's quiet time.NASA put Kepler to sleep to preserve its remaining fuel

Back in March, NASA issued a warning about its Kepler mission and on Monday, the team observed a drop in fuel pressure, indicating a very low fuel level. So for now, Kepler won't conduct any more scientific observations and will instead rest until August 2nd when research it has collected over the last 51 days is scheduled to download.

Good luck with that.'Gundam' is being made into a live-action movie

Legendary Entertainment and Gundam's creator, Japanese animation studio Sunrise, have announced that they're teaming up to create a film version of the classic robot saga. They don't have a director or actors yet, but Legendary producer Cale Boyter (Pacific Rim: Uprising) will oversee the project with help from a Sunrise creative team.

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