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'Overwatch' skin raised more than $10 million for breast cancer research

Mercy mains can do more than just heal teammates, it seems.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
07.09.18 in AV

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Blizzard Entertainment

Back in May, Overwatch added its first paid skin for the much-loved (and sometimes loathed) healer Mercy. At $15, it was nothing to sniff at, but all proceeds went to a good cause, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Blizzard has just revealed that the drive raised over $12.7 million. That's around six times the amount raised by the latest Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathon.

The Pink Mercy skin raised at least $10 million of the total, which is the largest donation from a corporate partner in a single year in BCRF's 25-year history. Players also bought a $30 limited-edition t-shirt designed by a community artist, with all proceeds going to the cause too. Across the two-week campaign, 14 Overwatch streamers on Twitch raised more than $130,000 on top of Blizzard's $12.7 million.

After the success of Pink Mercy, we wouldn't be surprised to see more charity skins in the future. A Wrecking Ball skin for the ASPCA, anyone?

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